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Due to space and other logistical limitations, business and organization promotional booths will no longer be available. If you are interested in our Annual Business Expo, it will be held on May 15, 2018. More details will be available on our website soon. Contact the Chamber Office after April 1st to reserve your space.


Please note we also have a long-standing policy of no raffles of any kind and we will be unable to honor any raffle requests. 


Please note that the Greater Hammonton Chamber of Commerce is a New Jersey not-for-profit membership corporation, which promotes business and economic growth for the Town of Hammonton with no religious or political affiliations. As such, our Red, White and Blueberry Festival operates in recognition of that general organizational purpose, and in maintaining our long-standing policy of religious and political organization and issue neutrality. For those reasons, we will be unable to honor any requests from religious, political or issue advocacy organizations to participate as a vendor, solicitor or booth occupant at our Annual Red, White and Blueberry Festival. We reserve the right to create a zone and time, place and manner restrictions for any free speech activities so as to prevent disruption of the Festival’s activities.

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